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"This was one of the most focused, useful workshops I have ever attended. It gave me concrete tools for addressing difficult topics in class and helping students engage deeply with hard-to-talk-about but critical issues such as race in America. This was six hours well spent. So many diversity-oriented workshops tend to provide overview information, which is fine, but what I needed were some real ways to allow students to be open and honest and to be able to manage the conflict or sometimes hurtful or inappropriate responses that can happen in a truly open setting. I feel now that I will be able to guide those students in a way that benefits everyone. The workshop was well organized, well run and extremely beneficial to me."

- University teacher

  Peacekeeping Circle Training participant (2016)

"Janet Rowles was an effective workshop leader. She employed circles as the tool of teaching us how to conduct circles, was attentive to our needs and concerns, especially how the role of the circle might differ in a semester or year-long course, than in a circle that met periodically. The workshop also provided a further opportunity to connect with other faculty and hear and share concerns and challenges. Doing this work within the circle further demonstrated the possibilities for how this form of work could be effective in the classroom.

- University teacher

  Peacekeeping Circle Training participant (2016)

"Janet is obviously very knowledgeable in both the theory and its application in high stress and high conflict situations.  Her suggestions are practical, useful and simple to apply.  Her approach to conflict resolution and its underlying principles addressed the root of my feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in many of my conflicts. Her honesty about her own life experiences and tendencies place her side by side with the workshop participants and create a supportive and open environment.  Janet is a stellar communicator, who is authentic in her quest to help people improve their lives through conflict resolution."  

- IT Program and Project Manager

  The Big Secret About Conflict workshop participant (2016)

Comments about the COUPLES' WORKSHOPS: 

  • Transformative!" 
  • "Y-E-S!! Making a difference... thank you, Janet, for helping us find the words on our way to more honest, loving relationships.”
  • "Very brilliant and caring."  
  • "Brian was explaining something to me today that was driving me crazy!  I used your ideas -- and it worked with excellence!  Wonderful tools when I remember I know how to use them."
  • "Awesome! Now to go practice!"- (2015)

"I wanted to thank you again for meeting with us yesterday.  I so appreciate your amazing listening skills, your gentle and direct reflections, your compassion and understanding.  The two-and-a-half hours in your office was the best conversation Tom and I have had in years.  I heard things from Tom that I have never heard before.  I felt understood and heard.  I felt my heart open just a little bit, and I moved just a little ways away from the cliff I felt like we have been just about to fall over." 

- Mediation client (2015)

“I appreciate the many important things I learned for myself at your workshop. Also, you provided a safe, unbiased space.  You left room for everyone to speak and to be heard.  You were cogent and clear.  Your materials were relevant and you used a variety of teaching methods that kept me engaged.”
- Shelli Stanger Nelson, RN, BS
​ President and Founder, Healing professionals, LLC (2015) 

  Tapping The Positive Potential of Conflict workshop participant

​“I was very impressed with your class.  The exercises were spot on; the written materials were clear and well presented; you're very skilled at facilitating discussion; and I really liked having the notebook to take away for additional reference after the fact.  The class reminded me that a situation in which I’m experiencing conflict is a positive opportunity to learn from rather than something to avoid.  The tools and model you offer have helped me be aware of my emotional reactions and focus on the interaction, the situation/conflict at hand.  I’m practicing; it works; thank you.” 
- Human Resources Analyst (2014)

   Tapping The Positive Potential Of Conflict workshop participant

“I had the meeting with Joe and Bob yesterday and it went really well. I did a lot of listening and asking questions. Nothing bad happened! I think Joe felt heard. I shared my point of view too. The info you gave me and the prep I did within myself were kind of magic—I was not feeling triggered but rather curious, as you suggested.   Then right after the meeting, Sofie called me on something that came up last Saturday—I had been abrupt with her due to tiredness—and I wasn’t triggered much by her telling me about this either!  She wasn’t going to share specifics and I encouraged her to do so and listened.  I was able to see it from her point of view and accept responsibility.  I apologized.  It was good.  You are helping to improve the world, Janet!”
- Business Owner (2014)
Tapping The Positive Potential Of Conflict workshop participant

"Dear Janet, You were just what we needed. I feel you did an outstanding job helping to open up some of the dialog and also getting us to an agreement. Many thanks."- President of Non-profit Board (2013) Group Facilitation client