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THE BIG SECRET ABOUT CONFLICT is a one-hour or two-hour, lively, packed-with-information, interactive workshop appropriate for groups of all sizes.  Have fun while learning forward-thinking and thought-provoking new skills. Learn the basics of the Tell Me More Gesture. See calendar below for more information or contact Janet to learn more and to schedule a session for your group.  CEU's available.

THE ART OF REFLECTION is a two-hour follow up workshop to The Big Secret About Conflict for those who want to go deeper and personalize the Tell Me More Gesture so that they can feel authentic and effective in conflict situations. Learn how to open up conversations and truly welcome conflict with intelligence and with heart. CEU's available.

THE ART OF CONFLICT/THE TELL ME MORE GESTURE is a forward-thinking workshop about how to truly welcome difficult discussions and make the most out of the inevitable conflicts one meets in life.  It is a five-hour, intensive workshop that is offered for individuals, CEU's, and couples and is offered at various times throughout the year.  See calendar below for more information or contact Janet with any questions. 

PEACEKEEPING CIRCLE TRAINING for your organization, classroom, boardroom, and community. Learn this inclusive method of honoring each individual in a group discussion. These trainings are normally a minimum of one day (six hours of training plus a one-hour lunch).

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS and CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS are excellent ways of making sure your group's, your family's, or your own needs get met.  Contact Janet to discuss your needs.



For more information:                                                                 or     952-929-4201.